Rick J. Harris, P.C. has the experience to handle all your        criminal law matters.  We take pride in our excellent reputation and will work hard to achieve the best result for you.

All classes of Misdemeanors and Felonies

We at Rick J. Harris, P.C. understand the sensitive nature of Family Law.  Allow us to assist you in handling any matter that should arise in this everchanging area of law.

Divorce, Custody, Adoption, Termination of Parental Rights, Child Support, and Modification of Divorce Decrees.

Deeds, Residential Contracts, Eviction Proceedings, Landlord-Tenant

Are you selling a home or do you simply need to transfer a piece of property to a friend or family member?  Rick J. Harris, P.C. has handled thousands of real estate transactions ranging from Residential Contracts to Warranty Deeds.  No matter is too big or too small.

Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Guardianships

LLC, Corporations, Partnerships

Should you be planning for your own future or taking care of the affairs of a loved one, let Rick J. Harris, P.C. assist in these often trying matters.  Whether it be drafing a Will, Power of Attorney, or filing for a Guardianship, with over 40 years experience,          Rick J. Harris, P.C. will get the job done.

Wanting to start a business?  Not sure where to start?  Whether it be an LLC, LLP, or Corporation, Rick J. Harris, P.C. has the expertise and experience to get your business started.